Storms and Magic

by Edlynn

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released July 16, 2016

All songs written by Edlynn (Francesca Cappelli) and arranged by Edlynn, Damiano Bondi and Alessandro Ricci

Edlynn: Vocals, additional guitar on Invisible shelter
Damiano Bondi: keyboards, backing vocals on "Your voice" and "Storms and magic"
Alessandro Ricci: guitars, trombone on "The wind has changed", backing vocals on "Storms and magic"
Roberto Molisse: drums
Ilaria Cariddi: backing vocals on "Don’t fear the storm" and "Storms and magic"
Giulia Focardi: backing vocals on "Miranda"
Valentina Galvini: backing vocals on "Don’t fear the storm"
Saverio Sisti: guitar on "Your voice"

Recording, mixing and mastering: Saverio Sisti
Cover and logo: Valentina Galvini
Photos: Francesco Ambuchi
Graphic: Tipografia Bianchi
Lyrics revision: Ilaria Cariddi, Silvana Corti, Elisa Sada
Project supervision: Ilaria Cariddi, Valentina Galvini

Thanks to Damiano and Sandro, companions of many musical adventures, and thanks to Roberto, the new entry in our crew. Thanks to Saverio for all the thorough and precious work. Thanks to Giulia (and Martino!), who walks with me in music since the beginning. Thanks to Ilaria, who helps me to believe, and thanks to Valentina, who listens to the worlds inside my head and draws them. Thanks to Silvana and Elisa for their help. Thanks to Francesco for joining our steampunk expedition, and thanks to Lorenzo for helping us explore and for his constant support. Thanks to Tiziana, who takes care of my voice.
Thanks to friends and family who support and encourage this project.
Thanks to those who came to our shows and those who spread these songs.
Hana – we still gather round your fire.
"Viaggerà ancora" and "Ariadna" are dedicated to the amazing Compagnia dell’Orsa and to those who heard these songs during the show "Panchine Parlanti".

Thanks to you. May these songs sail you to interesting places.


all rights reserved



Edlynn Italy

Singer and songwriter. Folk pop with celtic and medieval influences. Soundtracks for movies and theatre shows. Songs with various souls and moods.
Welcome to this place. Listen and enjoy.

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Track Name: Finisterre

It felt like all the colours that had been locked up
were suddenly poured over the world
endless movement, endless song of dark blue waves
blinding was the whiteness of the dawn

the fading silver of the stars about to disappear
the streaks of gold in the uneven sky
Your furious imagination, it ran free
as the colours were exploding in your eyes

Your broken soul was shattered, it was everywhere
a terrible, magnificent sight
the wind was bringing voices of deliverance
the day was rising on the gentle sea

You tried to think about your heart
and in your mind you saw
the image of a strange, half-built machine
all the fragments held together by mere will
the will to be and say “I'm here”

Somewhere far beyond the waves
if you tried, you could see
a new path to start again
you knew that you were free
And you could say, somehow
“Maybe my future's starting now”
That was the first word of your newborn tale

You thought about your heart,
a way to make it work
a city grew inside
the fire of your mind

The ocean kept your secrets when you chose to let them fly
You tried your heart, the impossible machine
You felt the rhythm, felt the constant moving of the gears
that started once again when someone spoke

Somewhere far beyond the waves…

Just then you saw the land
the first land of your healing soul
The wind was your companion
and it whispered words to you:
breathe, live, all is new
Track Name: Invisible shelter
Invisible shelter

Rain from a time that is lost
in the half light of storms
I can feel what's behind
in the darkness of all
I see the pillars of stone
I feel the bones of the world
and the fabric of life and it's burning with
stories untold - The heart of the world
has never been silent at all

All of your infinite souls
in the maze of existence
they shine and they burn
they change and they turn
in their season to bloom
as they find their own room
as I see you, I hope all these futures for
you - and I pray that you're awake
ready to cry out your song
Open your mouth
let the sky out
let every river run free

When all the noises have gone
it's the voice of the world
that is piercing your dream
And in that chaos of words
there's the trace of a song
will you find it with me?

Into the night of our shame
if you whisper your name
there'll be winds there to catch it
and blow it somewhere
In your fear, in your need
throw your name, like a seed
it will fall on the ground of some dying soul
like healing rains, new blood in our veins
new life exploding inside
And all of these bounds
broken with sound
You are a tempest of song

When all the noises have gone...

I'll raise my own song again
for your loss and your pain
till your voice can be heard
I'll weave this shelter of song
and I'll sing as long
as you need my voice
Till I see you awake,
till you can have your choice
If you wait for the dawn
you can wait here with me
Track Name: Your voice
Your voice

Help me my friend, I'm dragging through this world that you know so well
Help me, listen, I'm on this road with darkness within
I'm falling and I would call for help but my voice is giving way
So help me tonight, give me your voice, help me reach the new day

I've got no strength left so come, help me, please,
in this place in the night
I've got no strength left so, please, set me free
bring my song back to life
'cause in my mind, in my head there are shadows of death
in my head, in my heart there is stillness and dark
be with me, close to me, send my prayers, give them wings
be my light till I find my way home

Help me stand, this world goes so fast and I'm not good at running
Tell me once more it is useless to hide, 'cause they will always find me
Tell me, please, how is it that my dreams once were home, and now they deceive me?
Help me chase away the enemy, to free my dreams and to free me

I've got no strength left so come, help me, please…

We're so scared to look above 'cause we don't understand that love
and this prayer's hard to send
Oh, so scared to look above, we think we don't deserve that love
and this prayer's hard to send

I've got no strength left so come, help me, please…
Track Name: Storms and magic
Storms and magic

Your dark words wove the net
your dark words woke the fear
your dark thoughts bore the plan
your dark thoughts sent me here
Your whispers rose the mist
your wishes drew the veil
your ill-will blew the wind
your shadows changed my tale
Inside your secret halls
you drink to my bad times
Your laughter shakes the world
but makes me wise

All of your whispering winds
led me to be the king
of a new country to
where none of you
will ever have the key
Magic has many ways
and I will count the days
Wait for the night
when everything goes wrong
Follow the song

Your dark words in the end
got lost into the wind
your dark thoughts made you strong
your whispers brought you things
That's the way of the world
but I am far away
where there are other rules
There's more to come one day
Do you hear the fairy song?
Do you see the distant light?
Remember who you are
when the storm rises

All of your whispering winds...

“The rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance”

All of your whispering winds
led me to be the king
of a new country to
where none of you
will ever have the key
Magic has made me strange
in a blink I will change
all that has been
Forgiven are all wrongs
Follow the song
Track Name: Viaggerà ancora
Viaggerà ancora

Luna, silenzio, la notte d’argento
lo specchio dell'acqua, i segreti del vento
colori che cambiano, l’alba vicina
Di tutto questo è regina
Voci, canzoni, eterni misteri
memorie del tempo dei desideri
miracoli antichi che tornano ancora
Di tutto questo è signora

Ha mondi negli occhi, immensi e distanti
e lui li ha amati, le terre ed i monti
i cieli e le stelle, le porte segrete
Lo colse il terrore di cose perdute
Le disse “Rimani, ma gli occhi nascondi”
Regina in esilio, ha perso i suoi mondi

Fumo, nebbia, giorno per giorno
qualcosa si perde, non c’è più ritorno
se chiudi la porta alle tue visioni
e scordi le tue canzoni
Ma se chiami la notte ti ascolta
la maschera cade un pezzo alla volta
e dalle braci la fiamma si accende
la strada è lì che ti attende

Ha mondi negli occhi, immensi e distanti…

“L’esilio è finito”, le mormora il vento
Il mondo rinasce da un solo frammento
“L’esilio è finito”, e lei ora vola
Conosce la strada e avanza da sola
“L’esilio è finito, ritorna, signora!”
I mondi la chiamano: viaggerà ancora
“L’esilio è finito, ritorna, signora!”
I mondi la chiamano:
viaggerà ancora
Track Name: The wind has changed
The wind has changed

The sky has turned to blue
the storm that came for you
has left, and you can see the way
The summer heat is gone
the breeze is whispering on
The door is open once again

And in the twilight, on the edge of hopes and memories, dreams and fear
you can outline the days to come, you can imagine what is near

And yet the future holds
things you don't even know are real

Through the night it comes,
it's the voice of the life that's deep inside the world
And it sings out loud:
in your silence it feels like a cry of victory
Deep down in your heart,
and it seems that the dark has never really been
You still don't understand
but if you look around you'll see that things have changed
The wind has changed

So go towards the white,
a world so young and bright,
towards a hurricane of light
The new worlds and the old
into your hands you hold
the tale is starting to unfold

Rewrite your history and paint it with the colours that are you
Restart your engines and rename your land with words that sound so true

Whatever things may come
we will be here, this is our way

Through the night it comes…
Track Name: Don't fear the storm
Don't fear the storm

The story goes on
the song's not over
the river brings this message to the ocean
This tune of healing
upon the wind flies
to bring some peace to those who were here waiting
The storm has come to purify the darkness
the storm is gone, the night is almost over
Now see the dawn of your forgiveness
your deliverance has come
Track Name: Ariadna

Since I have lived in this place for the past couple of centuries
I think I might raise my voice and declare how I feel
No, I don't like it at all
this awful paint on the walls
and all your blue-violet carpets I like even less

Don't get me started about how you manage your kitchen
Talking 'bout bedrooms – I'm gonna rant for a day
It was so peaceful and sweet
when all this ruin was complete
and in the silent abandonment I swam in bliss

Then you came to bring new life
to this house that couldn't care less
You are all so obsessed with the new
even as you are mourning the old days
You may want to consider again
how you're dealing with time

There's the interior designer suggesting the hideous
lamp that you chose for your ceiling – I can't raise my eyes
That guy said it looks like it came
straight from the nineteenth century
It is a lie: I was there, and they had some good taste

There is the awful amount of your noises and voices
that I could stand, if it was a mutual thing
But every time that I scream
and I'm interrupting your dreams
You freak out: tell me, can't we live together in peace?

Then you came to bring new life…

If there is one thing I've learned
from this condition I'm in
it's something that's hard to earn
something that is hardly seen
It is a common mistake
to think the world's going bad
but all these things that you say
they have always been said
I've always listened to people around me
so eager to condemn their time...
Well, your days ain't bad,
no, really – except
for your unforgivable taste in interior design!

Then you came to bring new life...
Track Name: Miranda

Take me to the lands where men are living
Sail me safely to the other side
Show me all the skies you know
I will follow where you go
Taking in new wonders through my eyes

Take me to the places of you childhood
Teach me words and languages unknown
Clad me with your white and gold
Give me your sweet hand to hold
Lead me in the palaces you own

But don't let their whispers get to you
The words behind my back
They will say your queen is but a child
A wild thing, a sweet wreck
The relic of a world away
You should have left alone
Don't let their poison words betray me
'cause you know

That I've brought back a universe that nobody knows
And I've seen things beyond dreams, and I have no words
To show the feeling of the land
that raised me with air and sand
But there is magic in me
flowing with no end

Bring me through the rooms of all your castles
Give me gardens where I can rest my heart
But let me keep my own small light
Let me dance into the night
Let me speak to winds and clouds and stars

Because twelve years is a century
When you are far away
In a world that has its secret rules
And magic every day
I played with spirits through the darkness
When I was a child
I'm made of stories, sea and magic
and I can't hide

That I've brought back...

Here the tunes are good, but I remember
the spirits who sang their songs for me
So change, my love: you've got the chance
Laugh out loud and run and dance
Let a breath of magic set you free
Track Name: From the haven
From the haven

I sing this song for you leaving today
as your ship leaves the shore
Remember me in the days that will come
when I'll see you no more

I feel the cold breath of the storm
it blows upon my face
so cast your light into the dark
and guide me to your place

I'll bring your song upon my lips
it'll stay so close to me
so I will always know my name
against the enemy

Hear what I say and remember my words
we were together before the first day of the world
Hear what I say and remember my words
we'll be together after the end of the world
Our story will have no end
Your story we'll always tell
You've been a great story and you still are
We still gather around your fire

If I must wait a thousand years
I won't stop singing for you
I'll change the darkness into a feast
and dance to the sound of your tune

So come the night upon our hearts,
the night, our wounds to mend
No moment shall I let fade away
without a song or a friend

Hear what I say and remember my words…

I raise the glass to the time that has passed
to all the things that we've done
to all the songs unwritten yet
to all our days to come
Track Name: Half there
Half there

I still remember everything
the day it started, where and when
the moment that it came to me
and said “you can't be you again”

And in that moment, yes, I knew
nothing would ever be the same
that everything was bound to change:
my life, my world, my song, my name

And I remember how I went
with haste and doubt, with faith and fear
I knew I'd walk a thousand roads
I knew I'd live half there, half here

And then the world became a song
an orchestra inside my mind
a world of lights, a friendly storm
a night of stories to unwind

I met the ones who live inside
the secret spaces of what's real
I spoke with those who had no voice
I gave my voce, we all were healed

I found the doors to other worlds
and saw a landscape with no end
I kept the secrets of the winds
I called each one of you a friend

With colours that were still unknown,
with visions that I could make true
I built a magical machine
and then upon its wings I flew

And all the stories, all the songs
exploded in the shining night
and everybody sang and danced
until the new day filled the sky

But if I stop and think, I see
the toll this life still takes on me
the scars, the nightmares and the wars,
the things that I will never be

Yet if a wizard came and said
“I'll turn back time so you won't go
I'll change that moment, change your life”
I'd kindly say “Thank you, but no”

Yes, if a wizard came and said
“I'll turn back time so you won't go
I'll change that moment, change your life”
I'd surely say “Thank you, but no”

'Cause I could try a thousand lives
but only one's designed for me
I will befriend each wound and storm
There's nowhere else I'd rather be
Track Name: Finisterre (Italian version)

Sembrava che i colori dalla prigionia
fossero ormai liberi, e anche tu
blu come le onde dell'oceano
bianco come il cielo lassù

l'argento delle stelle che pian piano vanno via
i primi raggi come fili d'oro
e dentro la tua sfolgorante fantasia
ogni colore creava un mondo nuovo

In pezzi la tua anima volava
terribile e magnifico a vedersi
il vento dolcemente ti portava
speranza di riavere i giorni persi

Cercasti di trovare
il tuo cuore dentro te
un meccanismo insolito, a metà
frammenti stretti insieme dalla volontà
la volontà di dire “sono qui, sono qui”

Oltre l'orizzonte c'è -
se cerchi la vedrai -
una strada che è per te
da lì ripartirai
e potrai gridare allora
“il mio futuro inizia ora”
della tua storia, la prima parola

Sentivi battere
il cuore dentro te
Cresceva una città
nel fuoco dentro te

Il mare ti ascoltava, confidente silenzioso,
mentre tu sperimentavi il cuore
Sentivi il ritmo di quel meccanismo misterioso
e gli ingranaggi, mossi dalle sue parole

Oltre l'orizzonte c'è…

E lì vedesti terra, la prima terra libera
Il vento era tuo amico e ti portava verità:
tutto ora cambierà
Track Name: Cambia il vento (The wind has changed - Italian version)
Cambia il vento

Questa tempesta che è scesa intorno a te
in un'estate arida
ha riportato qui un'aria limpida:
adesso vedi la realtà

E nel crepuscolo, nel vento di memorie e nostalgia
frammenti di speranze e immagini di quello che verrà

E quello che verrà è già nell'aria, accanto a te
è già nell'aria, accanto a te
è già nell'aria, accanto a te

Nella notte c'è
quella voce che nasce dall'oscurità
tu la sentirai: nel silenzio sarà
come un grido libero,
entra dentro te
e ti sembra che il buio sia solo una bugia
Presto capirai
senti il vento che cambia, il mondo che cambierà

Vai verso un mondo che è bianco e giovane
verso la luce che vedrai
Frammenti di un'età lontana e nuova
nella tua storia troverai

Riscrivi la tua strada e mettici i colori che tu hai
e cambia il nome alle tue terre, con parole che tu sai

Venga il futuro, noi saremo qui, su questa via
saremo qui, su questa via
saremo qui, su questa via
Track Name: Ariadna (Italian version)

Visto che abito qui da due secoli e mezzo
su questa casa io posso dire la mia:
no, non mi piace per niente
questa vernice invadente
e quel tappeto violetto è una follia

La tua cucina non si può proprio guardare
e delle camere non voglio dire di più
Vivevo qui da regina
quando era tutto in rovina
e nella desolazione trovavo allegria

La mia casa era perfetta
ora non ha più magia
Vivete per la novità
poi piangete i giorni perduti
Ma perché non siete mai in pace col tempo che va?

Poi c'è quell'arredatore che ti ha suggerito
quella terribile lampada appesa di là
tu dici, tutto contento
“è in pieno stile Ottocento”
Nell'Ottocento io c'ero: non era così

Le vostre voci e i rumori potrei sopportare
se almeno voi faceste lo stesso con me
invece non posso gridare
la casa non posso infestare
Dimmi: c'è un modo per vivere bene con voi?

La mia casa era perfetta…

Da questa mia condizione
qualcosa ho imparato
è che la gente col tempo
ha un rapporto sbagliato
Siete convinti che tutto
andando avanti peggiori
e poi scordate il passato
e fate i soliti errori
Sono due secoli e mezzo che vedo la gente che vive così
Potreste cambiare, fermarvi un momento
e rivedere il concetto di arredamento...

La mia casa era perfetta…

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